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Lamb And Mutton

Quality Meat Guaranteed

Chilled Lamb

Top quality airflown meat from Australia! 

  • Lamb Carcase

  • Bone-in Lamb Leg

  • Boneless Lamb Leg

  • Bone-in Lamb Shoulder

  • Boneless Lamb Shoulder


Frozen Raw Lamb

Top Quality Frozen Raw Lamb from Australia!

  • Lamb Carcase

  • Lamb Flap

  • Bone-in Lamb Leg

  • Boneless Lamb Leg

  • Lamb Loin

  • Lamb Short Loin

  • Lamb Eye Of Loin

  • Lamb Rack

  • Lamb Fore Shank

  • Lamb Shoulder

  • Lamb Rump

  • Lamb Leg Chump on & Chump Off

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Lamb: Products

Frozen Raw Mutton

Our Top Quality Frozen Raw Mutton are from Australia!

  • Mutton Backstrap

  • Bone-in Mutton Leg

  • Boneless Mutton Leg

  • Mutton Tripe

  • Mutton Short Loin

  • Mutton Leg Bones

  • Mutton Carcase

  • Mutton Shank

  • Mutton Trunk

  • Ram Carcase

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